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1619 West 23rd Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90007
United States


We are a brand focused on genuine college apparel and comfortable wear for everyday use. Promoting college spirit in a trendy way.

Learn about Hype & Vice the best gameday apparel brand

Learn about us at Hype & Vice, the student's brand that offers the best game day apparel, inspired by students and designed for the perfect tailgate outfit!





The students brand

Hype & Vice isn’t just a logo; it’s a lifestyle that represents what we’re doing and where we’re headed. We’re always pushing forward: channeling today, preparing for tomorrow. 

H&V is a brand that taps into the collective spirit of your college experience. We are more than just another apparel line; we are a statement made by you, the student. A statement that says that you are different and unique. With H&V you are pushing the banal aside and only settling for the extraordinary.

Our mission is to embody the spirit, passion and lifestyle of the college experience through our unique student-driven apparel brand while fostering community and fandom.


THESE ARE THE YEARS #hypeandvice