Working Conditions

Our company is committed to provide fair working conditions to any worker. In addition, we are committed to monitor closely our suppliers and manufactures to make sure they comply with all of the necessary legal requirements in order to protect working conditions. Our Corporate Responsibility officer is in charge of continual monitoring related to working conditions at our suppliers and manufacturers. 


No person shall be subjected to any type of discrimination regarding: race, religion, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, nationality, or ethnic group.

Workers Compensation

The company ensures that wages paid to employees are fair according to their job role . We are committed to meet the local industry minimum standards.


Each of us is responsible for knowing and adhering to the standards of this code of conduct. If there are any questions regarding this code of conduct they should be directed to the officers of the company. Violations of any kind are subjected to disciplinary measures and possible termination.

Corporate Responsibility

Hype & Vice is a company that believes the confluence of fair labor and ethical workplace are the foundation of a solid corporation and consumer facing brand. Taking responsibility in the activities that involve customers, employees, the environment, and community is the essential to the core of our company. Respecting and protecting our corporate responsibility as well as our code of conduct is key to our supply chain operations.

Sourcing Practices

Sourcing fabrics, trim, and raw materials is just the beginning of a responsible and sustainable supply chain. At Hype & Vice we work hard to ensure the we start on the right foot by sourcing everything from the United States. We strongly believe that sourcing our materials locally helps flourish our economy and benefits our country. We are always working on finding suppliers that adhere with our values and share our ethical labor practices. Our purpose is to keep improving our supply chain and find new partners that help us deliver the best products to our customers.

Commitment to Quality

As our founder has a B.A. in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising we define quality across the production of every part of a Hype & Vice garment (from sewing, printing, tagging and even packaging). Every product has a production story behind it. It all starts with the product development where we create the ideal product for each University. Based on our research we find the perfect fabric that is going to create a flawless fit. The materials we use are sourced locally, with production in Mexico. We test the materials and evaluate the fabrics before we create samples. After samples are made we adjust for fit and sizing. And finally, when everything meets our expectations, we proceed to production. The key of our supply chain is be sure that every step of the production takes the necessary time and effort to provide the required results that meet our brand standards. We are a detail-oriented company that monitors the sourcing, manufacturing and printing from start to finish to ensure the very best quality our customers deserve.

Ethical Labor Practices

Hype and Vice is a company committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical labor practices and we expect these standards to be embraced both internally and by all of our external partners and vendors. This practice is demonstrated from the top-down at Hype & Vice, where workers are treated with respect and paid fairly 


Coinciding with the 2018 football season, Hype & Vice plans to create a direct relationship between the brand’s clothing and a myriad charitable causes. In accordance with our brand and customer demographic, our goal is to partner with associations that provide academic scholarships to low-income students.

To promote this philanthropic mission, Hype & Vice will offer various products from its e-commerce site which will donate a flat percentage of the sale price to select charities.

In addition to our financial philanthropy, Hype & Vice plans to establish an internal volunteering program for employees to participate in community schools in the Los Angeles area by teaching, tutoring, and organizing activities.

Fair Labor

Hype & Vice is a member of the Fair Labor Association. Our certification provides transparency and assurance that our objective is to always focus on the integrity and ethical practices in our supply chain. Being accredited by the FLA means you are responsible and accountable for random audits to the manufacturing facilities. During audits, fair labor assessors ensure everything is working correctly. In case there is growth opportunity in some areas they provide an improvement plan to make sure our standards meet their expectations. Our FLA accreditation is the heart of our corporate responsibility program since it ensures the dedication to surpass the expectations of the program. We are committed to take every training available at the fair labor online program in order for our company to always keep improving. The impact of having a strong corporate responsibility program is taking care of everyone and everything that surrounds our company.