Hype and Vice Vs
Other College Apparel Brands


We created Hype and Vice as students frustrated with the lack of cute college apparel. Our mission is to embody the spirit, passion, and lifestyle of the college years while fostering community and fandom. We pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd. Check out what sets us apart from traditional, male-centric college clothing!

Hype & Vice College Apparel for Women vs. College Apparel Designed by Men

Hype and Vice College Apparel Designed by Men

All Inclusive

As women, we felt excluded by the male dominated college apparel industry. That’s why we’re committed to making cute, trendy clothes for those of us who want feminine college apparel. From everyday to game day, we've got you covered. And we are always ALL INCLUSIVE. No matter who you are, Hype and Vice is for you! ❤️

Designed and Owned By Women

We’re a brand founded and run by young women. As college students, we created Hype and Vice because we were tired of wearing clothes made by men. We produce and design all of our products ourselves with you in mind. 😊

Official NCAA Apparel

Hype and Vice is officially licensed. When you buy from us, you’re guaranteed to receive high quality products that are NCAA approved. Plus, a percentage of every purchase goes back to your college. How’s that for school spirit? 😉

Always Trendy, Always Cute

Hype and Vice is dedicated to bringing you all the newest styles. We’re over wearing the same tired designs season after season. With trendy bandeau tops, tube tops, tailgate skirts, and gameday tops, we’re covering every trend and making clothes you’ll wear even after graduation. Create the best outfits for gamedays and never lose a tailgate. School spirit + fashion forward = Hype and Vice! 💯

Custom Made

Not only do we offer licensed apparel from over 100+ schools, we also create custom apparel. Design the apparel of your dreams by adding Greek letters, an organization name, or even a logo! Express yourself with a customized Hype and Vice fit. You’ll stand out in clothes designed just for your organization. ✔️

Changing the Game

It’s more than just your school. When you buy from Hype and Vice, you join a community of collegiates who are #ChangingTheGame. We’re committed to uniting millions of college sports fans by fusing fashion and team spirit. ✨

Why Hype and Vice?

Hype and Vice vs. Fanatics

Express Yourself

Fanatics is a classic sports apparel brand that features a wide range of colleges. However, their clothing is very simple, with little room for individuality or self expression. Fanatics is primarily directed at male sports fans, as evidenced by the lack of women’s apparel on their site. At Hype and Vice, female fans are more than just an afterthought. This is for you!

Hype and Vice vs. Amazon

Stand Out

Amazon is another popular online retailer. Everyone’s heard of it, and everyone’s using it. Amazon carries traditional college apparel—the kind that’s available at your school’s bookstore or anywhere else online. Hype and Vice offers unique, on-trend clothing that aligns with students’ personal style. We have the cutest gameday and tailgate apparel! Our goal is to create styles that you actually love.

Hype and Vice vs. Etsy

Give Back

Etsy is a great place to find homemade, creative items. While you’re likely to find more one-of-a-kind pieces, Etsy sellers aren't licensed to sell college apparel. Schools license through Hype and Vice because they trust us to represent them well. Additionally, buying licensed products ensures that money goes back to your school. What better way to show school spirit?