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University of North Texas Retro Tank
University of North Texas Retro Tank
Sale price$27.00
University of North Texas Boxer ShortUniversity of North Texas Boxer Short
University of North Texas Boxer Short
Sale price$39.00
UNT Mystery Box 3-Piece
UNT Mystery Box 3-Piece
Sale price$45.00
University of North Texas Gameday RomperUniversity of North Texas Gameday Romper
University of North Texas Gameday Romper
Sale price$54.00
University of North Texas Denim CorsetUniversity of North Texas Denim Corset
University of North Texas Denim Corset
Sale price$39.00
University of North Texas Bra Tank TopUniversity of North Texas Bra Tank Top
University of North Texas Bra Tank Top
Sale price$56.00
University of North Texas Color-Block SweatsUniversity of North Texas Color-Block Sweats
University of North Texas Color-Block Sweats
Sale price$54.00
North Texas Quarterback TopNorth Texas Quarterback Top
North Texas Quarterback Top
Sale price$31.50 Regular price$45.00
North Texas Brandy TeeNorth Texas Brandy Tee
North Texas Brandy Tee
Sale price$39.00
North Texas Ace CardiganNorth Texas Ace Cardigan
North Texas Ace Cardigan
Sale price$59.00
UNT Rugby TopUNT Rugby Top
UNT Rugby Top
Sale price$62.00
UNT Track TopUNT Track Top
UNT Track Top
Sale price$39.00
UNT Ace ShortUNT Ace Short
UNT Ace Short
Sale price$44.00
UNT Rookie SweaterUNT Rookie Sweater
UNT Rookie Sweater
Sale price$59.00
UNT Fumble HoodieUNT Fumble Hoodie
UNT Fumble Hoodie
Sale price$112.00
UNT  Mia Zip SweaterUNT  Mia Zip Sweater
UNT Mia Zip Sweater
Sale price$86.00
UNT Mia SweatpantsUNT Mia Sweatpants
UNT Mia Sweatpants
Sale price$65.00
UNT Ring It TopUNT Ring It Top
UNT Ring It Top
Sale price$37.00
UNT Ace CardiganUNT Ace Cardigan
UNT Ace Cardigan
Sale price$59.00
UNT Ace ShortUNT Ace Short
UNT Ace Short
Sale price$44.00
UNT Mesh TeeUNT Mesh Tee
UNT Mesh Tee
Sale price$39.00
UNT Track ShortsUNT Track Shorts
UNT Track Shorts
Sale price$42.00
UNT Grand Slam TopUNT Grand Slam Top
UNT Grand Slam Top
Sale price$57.00
UNT Grand Slam ShortsUNT Grand Slam Shorts
UNT Grand Slam Shorts
Sale price$39.00
North Texas Boyfriend HoodieNorth Texas Boyfriend Hoodie
North Texas Boyfriend Hoodie
Sale price$56.00
UNT Tube TopUNT Tube Top
UNT Tube Top
Sale price$32.00
UNT Era CrewneckUNT Era Crewneck
UNT Era Crewneck
Sale price$55.00
UNT | Scoop Neck Crop TopUNT | Scoop Neck Crop Top
UNT | Scoop Neck Crop Top
Sale price$33.00
UNT Slam Dunk TopUNT Slam Dunk Top
UNT Slam Dunk Top
Sale price$35.00
UNT Homerun TeeUNT Homerun Tee
UNT Homerun Tee
Sale price$35.00
UNT Tailgate TopUNT Tailgate Top
UNT Tailgate Top
Sale price$35.00
UNT Soffee ShortsUNT Soffee Shorts
UNT Soffee Shorts
Sale price$29.00
UNT Bandeau TopUNT Bandeau Top
UNT Bandeau Top
Sale price$28.00
UNT Bandana TopUNT Bandana Top
UNT Bandana Top
Sale price$34.00
UNT Color-Block SweatsUNT Color-Block Sweats
UNT Color-Block Sweats
Sale price$54.00
Sold out
UNT Homecoming CrewUNT Homecoming Crew
UNT Homecoming Crew
Sale price$79.00
UNT Basic SweatsUNT Basic Sweats
UNT Basic Sweats
Sale price$52.00
UNT Puffer JacketUNT Puffer Jacket
UNT Puffer Jacket
Sale price$139.00
UNT Cut Off SweatshortsUNT Cut Off Sweatshorts
UNT Cut Off Sweatshorts
Sale price$39.00
UNT SweatshortsUNT Sweatshorts
UNT Sweatshorts
Sale price$46.00
UNT Tennis SkirtUNT Tennis Skirt
UNT Tennis Skirt
Sale price$53.00
UNT Tie Dye Dreams ShortsUNT Tie Dye Dreams Shorts
UNT Tie Dye Dreams Shorts
Sale price$10.00 Regular price$33.00
UNT Color-Block Hoodie - Hype and ViceUNT Color-Block Hoodie - Hype and Vice
UNT Color-Block Hoodie
Sale price$55.00
White Body OneMTO Babydoll Knit UNT - Hype and Vice
Babydoll Knit UNT
Sale price$45.00
Cali Tee UNTCali Tee UNT
Cali Tee UNT
Sale price$39.00
MTO MVP Tank UNT - Hype and ViceMVP Top UNT
Sale price$42.00
Senior Top UNTSenior Top UNT
Senior Top UNT
Sale price$42.00

UNT Apparel: Explore The Coolest University of North Texas Merch

Dive into the sea of green and white with our exclusive University of North Texas collection, where Mean Green pride meets fashion-forward design. Perfect for those electric game days or just adding a touch of UNT spirit to your daily wardrobe, our selection is curated with the true North Texas fan in mind. From the iconic chants in the stands to the vibrant life on campus, embody the essence of Mean Green energy in every piece. Our range goes beyond the basics, offering unique pieces that resonate with the heart of UNT supporters. Imagine donning vintage sweatshirts that pay homage to our storied past or stepping out in cali tees and homerun tees that keep your Mean Green spirit contemporary. Tailgate tops and chic cut-offs are designed for those who want to make a statement, while our bandeau tops, block pants, and MVP tops are all about showcasing your pride with style. And for those cooler evenings or casual campus strolls, wrap up in our puffer jackets or cropped hoodies, all while radiating Mean Green fervor. This collection is more than just apparel; it's a tribute to the unwavering spirit of North Texas fans. Explore our diverse range and find the perfect game day ensemble or campus casual look that speaks to your Mean Green soul. Get ready to navigate through an array of clothing styles, leading you to that ideal outfit that's as spirited and vibrant as the University of North Texas itself.